About ALAW

The Association of Lawyers for Animal Welfare (ALAW) is an organisation of lawyers interested in animal protection law. We see our role as pioneering a better legal framework for animals and ensuring that the existing law is applied properly. The organisation promotes interest in animal protection law and campaigns to improve the law relating to animals.

We believe that lawyers should, as well as interpreting laws, ask questions about the philosophy underlying them: they have always played a central role in law reform. There is also a real need to educate professionals and the public alike about the law.

Animal cruelty does not recognise national boundaries and we are building up a network of lawyers who are interested in animal protection in many different countries.

Mission statement

ALAW’s mission is to:

  1. harness the interest of many lawyers in animal protection;
  2. use a range of law-related techniques to secure more favourable interpretation and better enforcement of existing animal protection laws;
  3. secure more comprehensive and effective laws, based on a coherent philosophy.

What does ALAW do?

ALAW achieves its objectives by:

  • Contributing to Government consultations.
  • Monitoring developments in Parliament and in European and other international organisations.
  • Highlighting areas of animal welfare law in need of reform.
  • Disseminating information about animal welfare law.
  • Providing advice, through its members to NGO’s.
  • Providing support and information exchange for lawyers engaged in animal protection law.

ALAW activities

Training program

ALAW hosts an annual program of seminars and other training events. Past courses designed for animal protection groups include defamation and freedom of information. ALAW’s seminar program has included topics such as the legal protection of marine mammals, wildlife law and trade in endangered species and the Animal Welfare Act.

Journal of Animal Welfare Law

ALAW publishes the Journal of Animal Welfare Law, a legal journal dedicated to animal welfare. The journal has regular sections on case reports, legislation and news on law reform, as well as containing articles on topical issues of interest from leading practitioners, both lawyers and academics. The journal is an invaluable source of information for lawyers, animal protection groups and campaigners.

Email bulletin

ALAW sends a bi-monthly bulletin to its members keeping them informed about events in the animal welfare calendar, including ALAW seminars and training events. The bulletin also contains items of news interest and details of governmental consultations and proposals for law reform. The email bulletin allows ALAW to keep in touch with its members and to inform members about current issues.