ALAW Projects

ALAW does not have sufficient resources to respond to legal enquiries or give legal advice to members of the public. We can where appropriate however put individuals or groups in touch with lawyers who have a relevant interest or experience.

Individuals seeking legal advice or representation should contact the Law Society at The Law Society’s Hall, 113 Chancery Lane London WC2A 1PL – Tel: +44 (0) 20 7242 1222. To report suspected cruelty contact the RSPCA Cruelty line – 0300 1234 999.

ALAW does respond to relevant government consultations. If you are interested in helping ALAW formulate responses to any consultation, please contact the ALAW team at

Current consultations include:

  • Tackling irresponsible dog ownership – consultation end 15 June 2012. See here.

Slaughterhouse workers jailed after ALAW intervention

From the newsroom – 25 April 2012

ALAW welcomes the prison sentences handed down today to two slaughterhouse workers who were filmed gratuitously assaulting fully conscious pigs. The footage was filmed at Cheale Meats in Essex using a covert CCTV device installed by an investigator working with the campaign group Animal Aid.  When the footage was recovered, it showed one worker stubbing out cigarettes on pigs’ snouts.  Another worker was filmed beating pigs, with one pig being beaten 30 times in a minute, forcing the animal to sit down and pant heavily during the tirade of blows. Click here for the full report.